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Conferences & Events

The Leicester Conference

Authority & Role: Flighting & Fighting in our Organisations

Dates: 1 – 14 August 2015

Our flagship, international Group Relations conference, held annually since 1957. Come and participate if you’re interested in how teams work together – leadership development in groups, organisations and wider society.

The Food for Thought lunchtime talk series

We invite you to be part of our popular and growing lunchtime talk series.

These informal sessions that offer a space of debate and reflection take place every three weeks on Wednesdays. See the upcoming schedule of talks here.


‘It was fascinating to observe how groups were unwittingly affected by their environments, despite their best efforts to prevent that.’

Manager, University Customised Programmes, Australia

‘What I had confirmed, was that tensions are inevitable in organisations and certain group behaviours, e.g. the tendency to form silos, seem to exacerbate these tensions. Encouragement given by conference staff to reach out across boundaries and be curious about what was happening in other silos, seemed a useful way of improving understanding and inter-group (organisational) relationships.’

Director, HR, Manufacturing, India

‘The quality of the staff and the dynamic combination of groups – with different tasks within the conference as a temporary organisation – provided great scope for concrete and direct learning… I especially valued the opportunity to discover emotional links between professional and personal life experiences.’

Head of Unit, Directorate, General Education and Culture, European Commission, Brussels

‘‘The Tavistock experience grows within you, over the years... today I see the world differently, am more able to accommodative its myriad contradictions and diversity and the Tavistock experience is central to this change in me’ - Managing Partner, Transcendix, India’

‘I have never learned as much about organisations as whole systems as I did at the Leicester conference.’

‘The conference helped me express myself in plain words, instead of professional language, as an extremely powerful tool of communication.  ’

Senior Nurse, NHS, UK

‘The conference reinforced one model of learning that says our ability to hold onto and live with our anxiety, to manage temptation to take flight or flee, is necessary for real learning to take place, for our mental models to shift and for our normal defensive routines to be diffused.’

Partner Director, Human Resources Company, South Africa

‘I never realized how easily and how strongly groups set up defenses to avoid the painful realities about their task, their relationships with other groups and their performance.’

Organisational Development Consultant, Italy

‘I learned that if I want things to happen in my organisation I have to take responsibility for my feelings and actions.’

Co-ordinator, Church Mission Programme, Ireland

‘What I am clear about is that the Leicester conference provides one of the most significant ways of understanding leadership and authority and how groups and organisations relate to one another.’

Lecturer in Social Science, Sweden

‘Since going to Leicester, I have learned to better manage myself in my role. Before I attended Leicester, I thought leadership was about managing others; I was surprised to find it is really about managing myself.’

‘It was amazing to see how the conference actually mirrored my organisation. It was inspiring and creative, allowing me to examine how I take up my roles in my organisation and enabling me to do something about that.’

Consultant Psychiatrist, UK