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When it can be good to feel bad, and bad to feel good: Exploring asymmetries in workplace emotional outcomes

Guest Editors: Dirk Lindebaum and Peter J Jordan

When it can be good to feel bad, and bad to feel good: Exploring asymmetries in workplace emotional outcomes
Dirk Lindebaum and Peter J Jordan

Understanding when leader negative emotional expression enhances follower performance: The moderating roles of follower personality traits and perceived leader power
Nai-Wen Chi and Ta-Rui Ho

Emotional roulette? Symmetrical and asymmetrical emotion regulation outcomes from coworker interactions about positive and negative work events
Constance Hadley

Transformation through tension: Dysfunction to performance (and vice versa) through negative affect in teams
Rebecca Mitchell, Brendan Boyle, Vicki Parker, Michelle Giles, Pauline Joyce and Vico Chiang
Free access podcast posted May 2014: AAP interview with Rebecca Mitchell

'Why would you want to do that?': Defining emotional dirty work
Robert McMurray and Jenna Ward

Understanding the positive and negative effects of emotional expressions in organizations: EASI does it
Gerben A van Kleef

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Tension in the workplace
Podcast posted May 2014. In this podcast Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell discusses her research into tension in the workplace and how this can sometimes be a good thing, published online before print May 21, 2014.

Corporate social responsibility: Just a job creation scheme for management consultants?
Vodcast posted May 2014. In this vodcast (click then scroll down) produced by CASS Business School, Luc Brès and Jean-Pascal Gond discuss their research 'The visible hand of consultants in the construction of the markets for virtue: Translating issues, negotiating boundaries and enacting responsive regulations', published online before print May 21, 2014.

Workplace mindfulness
Podcast posted March 2014. In this podcast Dr Erik Dane and Dr Bradley J Brummel discuss their research on workplace mindfulness, published in Volume 67 Issue 1 (Jan 2014).

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Positive employee attitudes: How much human resource management do you need?
Michael White and Alex Bryson
Human Relations 2013; 66 (3): 385–406
DOI: 10.1177/0018726712465096
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