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P3C programme 2015

Applications are invited for our Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change modular programme starting in January 2015.

location for group relations conference in Vilnius

Group Relations Conference in Lithuania

A Light In The Shadow Of History: Leadership & Identity In Organisations & Communities. The 5th International Group Relations Conference in Lithuania with a Progression Sub-conference. A working conference based on Tavistock experiential learning methodology. 28th June – 2nd July 2014 …


‘Iguana’ school trip to Lithuania

Camilla Child, Principal Consultant and Researcher at the Tavistock Institute, recently travelled to Lithuania to help the local research team there explain and launch the IGUANA pilot in schools.

Preventing Human Trafficking: New Tavistock Action-Research

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) is working on several vital EU-funded projects in the area of human trafficking prevention. Project Briseis seeks to raise awareness on combating trafficking for forced labour, whereas Project ReSAurSE explores social auditing as a …

Group Relations Conference – Argentina

We’re very pleased to announce that the 4th Group Relations Conference: Leadership, Authority and Transformation in Organizations and Communities, is taking place in Argentina, in times of unprecedented and radical social and political change in Latin America.

News (165)