Dr Eliat Aram PhD, Cpsych, Csci

Chief Executive Officer

I am the Chief Executive of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR).

I am a chartered organisational psychologist and a registered Gestalt psychotherapist, working as leadership and management coach, process consultant and supervisor when I am not busy managing the daily activities of the TIHR and planning for its sustainable and prosperous future.

My work is informed by ideas of emergence and self-organisation as well as dialogue and power dynamics and includes developing skills and attitudes to working in conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity. I help, support and challenge managers through their journey of growth by inviting them to think about and reflect upon their flow of experience as leaders in their organisations.

Since 2007 I have directed and innovated the TIHR’s Group Relations Leicester conference ‘Authority, Role, Organisation ’ and am passionate about its application to understanding leadership development, ethical practice and socio-political changes in different cultural landscapes.

Publications include:

  • Aram E, Baxter R and Nutkevitch A (eds) (2009) Adaptation and Innovation: Theory, Design and Role-Taking in Group Relations Conferences and their Applications. Belgirate: Volume II. London: Karnac.
  • Aram E (2001) The experience of complexity: learning as the potential transformation of identity. Unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Hertfordshire.
  • Aram, E. (2000) Virtual Dynamics and Socio-Technical Systems. In Coakes E, Willis D and Lloyd-Jones R (eds) The New Socio Tech: Graffiti on the Long Wall. London: Springer-Verlage.
  • Aram E and Noble D (1999) Educating prospective managers in the complexity of organisational life: Teaching and learning from a complexity perspective. Management Learning 30(3): 321-342.
  • Aram E and Noble D (1998) Working with small business managers in conditions of ambiguity and uncertainty. The Complexity & Management Working Papers Series no: 18.





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