Arts & Organisation

Arts and Organisation is an alive enquiry, an evolving social practice of the arts in their broadest sense as a discipline within the contemporary field of Tavistock social science.

Deepening Creative Practice

At a time when creativity is in ever more demand but opportunities to explore and experiment with it can be difficult to find, we invite you to bring (or uncover) the creative, risk-taking and curious parts of yourself.

Deepening Creative Practice is a learning experience where you can explore your whole self in relation to organisational leadership, consultancy and change.

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Through a programme of work that spans artistic research through organisational interventions, curated events, exhibitions, performances and learning programmes, we ask:

‘What do we learn when we work in this way, and what might that mean for practices concerned with social change?’

Arts and Organisation is a dynamic container for the different approaches to the arts within TIHR, providing space to play and supporting the work in its growth and dissemination. 

We share our practice more widely through our programme of events emerging from the artistic research; our residencies and the Deepening Creative Practice programme; and through our partnerships and involvement in the Art of Management and Organisation conference.

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