The Tavistock Community

The Tavistock Community

Welcome to the Tavistock Community a place for Alumni and Friends of the Tavistock Institute to connect with others, exchange ideas, develop practice, expand learning and work together to create new partnerships and work groups, all underpinned by Tavistock methodologies and within a framework hosted by the Institute.

The overall purpose and modus operandi of the Tavistock Community is:

  • continuing the learning
  • self-organising
  • having opportunities to shape the Community
  • an emerging / evolving / learning community

The Tavistock Community began at our 70th Anniversary Festival in 2017 and is now a growing body of PD alumni and work/project colleagues, meeting online and in person regularly. At the Institute, learning is ongoing long after you have completed one of our programmes or your project with us has finished.

Join the Community

Read the Member Welcome Pack and register below to record your particular interests you will then be invited onto Basecamp our online hub.

We look forward to meeting you there.

*Please note that in order to be accepted, you have to have a DIRECT connection to the Institute’s work (such as attending one of our programmes, being one of our clients, or an affiliated researcher/partner).

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