Our consultants are there both to hold the space open for profound discussions and ensure that actions are taken, and accountability lines identified.

Our consultants will accompany you and the complexity of your organisational life in rigorously exploring, making sense of, and helping you resolve the complex challenges of this globalised, entangled 21st century. We discover together what you need to work on, from leadership dilemmas to a culture re-set, ingrained and resistant issues or organisational design.

We are not complacent and always keep the greater social and environmental context in mind. As we work with the under the surface tensions that emerge when people, structures, strategy and practices collide in unexpected ways, we will pull you out of what might feel like a swamp or a fire with empathy and humility.

Tavistock Institute consultancy practices in working with human dynamics in shifting contexts have been honed over decades, working with individuals, groups and the whole system.

Our practices draw on the Institute’s rich historical influence in the field of organisational development consultancy and change, as well as on dynamic and contemporary interventions that inform current global and multi-cultural organisational development practice.

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