How we are responding to the climate emergency

The goal of all our work is to use insights and approaches from the social sciences to address the pressing challenges of the day. In this era, there is no greater challenge than that of the climate crisis. Yet we also understand that for meaningful change to happen, economic, social and psychological barriers must be addressed.

Through an approach that looks both into and out from the organisation, we hope to learn what it takes to overcome these barriers and in turn to support others to do the same.

From our early work on open systems and the socio-environmental, the Institute has strived to understand the rippling effect of actions taken by organisations on the systems they inhabit, and how, in dialogue, systems force organisations to change.

We are finding ways to strengthen our response to the climate crisis through a focus on our own impact as an organisation and through the work we do with partners and clients.

We have a thriving environment group that provides a space for integrating concerns and action on the climate crisis within organisational life. This has seen us attain the International Environmental Standard for organisations (ISO14001) through developing an environmental policy and management system – seeking to reduce carbon use and waste across the organisation.

As part of this process, we have made a commitment to develop an ever-expanding portfolio of environment related work. This will see us build on current and past projects in fields such as transport, energy, housing, textiles and clothing, emergency response and resilience.

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