Exploring Concepts of Difference

As part of the Tavistock Approach, we consistently draw on three key perspectives. These are working psycho dynamically, working systemically and using psycho analytic thinking. 

These perspectives underpin how we approach difference, away from the known diversity and inclusion agenda, towards a broader and more expansive way of thinking. 

When looking through a psychological or emotional lens, reflecting on our earliest experiences, what we often overlook is the reality that as individuals we are all separate and unique. 

No longer part of our mother’s body, individuals are expected to be able to function alone. This expectation is a contradiction to the rest of our socialisation, which is rooted in preparation and training to function in groups and in relationship. These are the spaces where uniqueness is not always regarded as a strength. Nevertheless, a strength it is.

Thinking then how we at the Tavistock Institute understand and explore concepts of difference in organisational life, often highlights the tension between what it means to be unique and what it means to belong. We question ‘Is the cost to retaining uniqueness bigger than the pleasure of belonging?’

At the Tavistock Institute we are happy to explore these issues with you through one to one conversation or in small groups. We can work with specific roles or disciplines, in a bespoke or more general way.

Are you interested in taking this work further? Take a look at our new workshop, ‘Wrestling with Differences’ an experiential session exploring issues around ‘getting it wrong’, discomfort and excuses in the diversity and inclusion sphere. You can apply here.

To learn more about what we can offer please get in touch with our Principal Leadership Coach, Coreene Archer.

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