Our Governance

Our Governance

Three groups are responsible for the governance and management of the Institute:

The Tavistock Institute Association

The formal owner of the Institute. Members of the Association include current and former members of staff, colleagues in other research and development organisations and others who share an interest in our approach and work. An annual meeting of the Association appoints a Council of trustees which is responsible to it for the strategic direction and governance of the Institute. If you are interested in becoming involved in the governance of the Institute through the association please contact Camilla Child, Company Secretary.

The Council of Trustees

The Council’s primary task is to steer and govern the Institute. It is appointed by the Tavistock Association in an annual meeting. The Council exercises its authority in accordance with the Articles of Association. It meets six times a year. The Council Appoints from among its members a Chairperson.

The Management Team

The team’s primary task is to deal with the daily management activities, to inform the strategic and leadership activities and to support the ongoing running of the organisation.

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