The Group Relations Programme

Group Relations conferences are a vital ingredient for anyone interested in developing and deepening their leadership strategy and organisational practice

Group Relations conferences offer opportunities to learn about group, organisational and social dynamics; the exercise of authority from role, and power from person; the interplay between tradition, innovation and change; and the relationship of organisations to their social, political and economic environments.

Since 1957, the Tavistock Institute has been leading thinking about groups and organisations. Since the inception of its ground-breaking methodology for learning about leadership - the Group Relations Conference (GRC) - a global community of activity has emerged.

A GRC is an accelerated learning experience or a ‘real time’ learning laboratory. Drawing on ideas of representation, systems theory and the daily realities of uncertainty, all underpinned by a psychoanalytic and an action research frames, we have been helping those engaged in leading to think more deeply and profoundly about their role and purpose. During the last decade, we have continued this tradition in new and creative ways, taking the work further into the global east and south whilst building on our western and northern historic heartland.

We have led and participated in two global GR enterprises: The Belgirate meetings and The Global Group Relations Forum. 

The Belgirate Meetings

New Book - The Ecosystem of Group Relations

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Our Group Relations Programme is deliberately designed to share what we have learnt and are learning – both practical and conceptual – with others who want to expand their own capacities, effect change within their organisations or further, or want to transform their interest in our work into new initiatives around the world.

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