A Call to Love@Work

A Call to Love@Work

A paper was left in an office that stated...

A paper was left in an office that stated…

Group Relations Conferences are places of Love, where the ugly, hateful parts of ourselves no longer have to split off and hidden behind a façade. We can study our roles, dependencies and interdependencies in order to find new ways of engaging in the complex tasks of leadership and followership. Is it possible that our bloodlust for “fight leaders” is coming to an end? Is there a yearning in those engaged in the worlds of wealth and knowledge creation to feel a sense of ease about what they do and how they earn their money? It is possible that we are on the edge of a transformation in our working, thinking and being selves, that will usher in a new age of authority relations at work, as pre-saged by the Tavistock Institute pioneers in the Group Relations Working Conference methodology.

We are in unprecedented geopolitical, economic and existential anxiety.

The Brexit negotiations continue with levels of uncertainty sending the UK and EU into a spiral of deals and “back-stops” that are increasingly alienating the electorate. The USA has argued that emerging economies, such as India and China, should no longer claim exemptions in negotiations at the World Trade Organisation. The wealth of the “emerging” economies is outstripping those of the developed West at a rate previously not thought possible. Oxford Economics has published a report showing that India, The Philippines and Indonesia will outperform China in the coming decade. Everything is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

But what will be different in the coming Eastern Industrial Revolution and can it succeed without replicating the negative aspects of the previous European-led Century?

Perhaps we don’t need new leadership, rather, we need a new realm of Enlightened Followers who will exercise their authority to engage in meaningful tasks for growth-promoting organisations.

This is a call to Love@Work, where the understanding of Groups and their rhizomatic nature can be explored by the Enlightened Followers of the coming revolution.
We hope to see you there.

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