Improvising with-in the Shadows

Improvising with-in the Shadows

Exploring Authority and Leadership in our Organizations and Communities. Come to New Orleans for a Group Relations conference!

Exploring Authority and Leadership in our Organizations and Communities.

It would be hard to find a recent time in the world when questions of leadership, authority and identity have such life and death significance. The backdrop of the U.S. elections have plunged the county into a maelstrom of rational and irrational behaviour.

Attending a group relations conference, and this one in particular, offers an opportunity to dive deep into the collective culture of the conference, its powerful surrounds in New Orleans and the coincidental occurrence of the Republican National Convention.

As citizens, professionals, teachers, activists, artists and numerous other ways of identification we need to learn how to navigate and lead in our “interesting times.”

So join us in New Orleans, bring your friends and colleagues and help us create some moments of inspiration and learning together.

This will be the 52nd Annual A K Rice residential Group Relations conference. After almost a decade of directing the TIHR Leicester conference, our CEO, Eliat Aram, has been invited to direct the AK Rice Institute national Group Relations conference in the USA.

The dates are: 15 – 20 July 2016 and the venue is Loyola University, New Orleans – apply by 15 May.

The conference website is www.leadershipakrice.org or email Jack Lampl, conference administrator for more information.

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