A new dawn for Caribbean leadership

A new dawn for Caribbean leadership

Are you ready? We are pleased to announce that the second Group Relations Conference takes place in the Caribbean...


15 April 2019

Are you ready?

We are pleased to announce that the second Group Relations Conference takes place in the Caribbean, on Trinidad & Tobago from 26 – 28 September 2019.

How the Caribbean develops, trains, supports and connects leaders in the next few years is vitally important. What matters to the leader and aspiring leader in the Caribbean today, and how are organisations preparing to respond? This tried and tested learning method – Group Relations – seeks to develop capacity within and across the public, private, corporate and academic services. If you are in an industry where you need to understand people and work in teams, you can benefit in all kinds of ways from this conference.

Surviving and thriving are fundamental needs across leaders and sectors in the Caribbean. The USA is seeking to develop and harvest the resources and skills in the Caribbean, whilst others are preparing to recover from the withdrawal of oil and gas extraction, and others are facing increasing pressure from China for infrastructure development projects.

This Tavistock Institute Group Relations Conference is the place to come together and think about the needs and desires of leaders and their teams for a new dawn in Caribbean leadership – by and for the Caribbean. This conference is co-sponsored by the Tavistock Institute and Caribbean Group Consulting, whose main commitment is to develop local leadership for local leaders.

These are challenging times and this learning opportunity provides space to have difficult and challenging conversations about the nature of leadership and authority in the Caribbean; what it means to develop the people of the Caribbean in their own unique way, and not simply replicate the “best of the west”; what people mean when they use a phrase like “too black to lead”; how do Caribbean women lead?

If you or your organisation are considering the needs of leaders and are seeking places to think critically about these matters and how to take up your authority in new ways, then this conference is for you.

Come and join the Surviving & Thriving: A new dawn for Caribbean Leadership conference held on Trinidad & Tobago from 26-28 September at the Seminary of St John Vianney in Tunapuna.

For more information or if you have any questions or would like a chat, visit Caribbean Group Consulting or contact Mary Fullerton, Associate Conference Director: mary@caribbeangroupconsulting.com

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