A safe space for the Leicester conference

A safe space for the Leicester conference

and something about the PPE event...

and something about the PPE event

The Leicester conference: Task Authority Organisation is 14 days of immersive learning about leadership, the need for followership and what happens in working groups and teams – it has been held since 1957.  As such, it will never be held online – it has to be in person, face-to-face with the consequent joys and woes of this physicality and the 3-dimensionality of being together in the same space.

Within the conference, the Personal Protective Equipment event – the PPE – is a place to explore the unity of the mind/body – the psychophysical Self in relation to the group and to the environment, with the possibility of further embodiment through practising integration.

We have found a safe space where we have exclusive use of conference facilities – the venue is a #SafeonSite environment and has also been awarded the We’re Good To Go industry standard and supporting mark, demonstrating that they are adhering to Government and public health guidance, have carried out Covid-19 risk assessments and that they have processes in place as requirements change.

This venue is Lane End, a training and conference centre near High Wycombe just outside London.  The Leicester conference has its own dedicated, self-contained building, offering bedrooms, working rooms and dining room, lounge and bar exclusively for our members and staff.

Lane End is 30 minutes drive from Heathrow (and central London) and if you come via a London terminus, it is 45 mins by train. This is a comfortable venue in the middle of 26 acres of beautiful National Trust countryside offering us an inviting space for our two-week temporary organisation, in the middle of what continues to be a turbulent and volatile time.

When coming from abroad, it is each member’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with up to date quarantine requirements. For those from amber countries, there is now the test to release scheme for early release from quarantine.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the Leicester conference

Saturday, 31 July – Friday, 13 August 2021  – with a pause in the middle from Thursday, 5 August evening to Saturday, 7 August morning.

Here is the brochure and an article about Group Relations. To find out more, if you have any questions about practicalities or would like a chat about what you might get out of it, contact Leah Ashton-Hurst, Pre-conference Administrator.

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