Announcing Release of New Material

Announcing Release of New Material


5 October 2017

Since October 2015, the archive of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has been undergoing a transformation. The cataloguing of the extensive and varied materials for preservation and access has been at the heart of this, and the extent of materials available for consultation is steadily increasing day on day.
Each new release of materials reveals more and more about the work of the Tavistock Institute and the people behind its projects, as well as providing an insight into the broader society and culture in which the Institute operated.

We are excited to announce that a new batch of materials has now been fully catalogued and is available to browse online and request for viewing through the archive catalogue. The catalogue can be accessed through ‘The Archive’ page on this blog: https://tavarchive.modernactivity.com/the-archive/

With this new release, the cataloguing still continues in earnest, so watch this space for future discoveries and releases.

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