Announcing the Winner!

Announcing the Winner!

The Dione Hills Tavistock Institute and UK Evaluation Society Prize.

The Dione Hills Tavistock Institute and UK Evaluation Society Prize.

Dione Hills, who worked at the Tavistock Institute for over 35 years, was also a valued member of the Council of the UK Evaluation Society (UKES) sitting on a number of working groups. She was deeply committed to sharing her knowledge of evaluation and developing the field.

In her memory, the Tavistock Institute and the UK Evaluation Society have offered a prize for the best short paper on the application of complexity-informed thinking in the field of evaluation.

We are delighted to announce that the winner is Cathy Sharp, of Research for Real, for her paper ‘Be a participant, not a spectator – new territories for evaluation’. Cathy’s paper was creatively written and highlighted her professional experience which fed into her reflections on evaluating in complexity.

Cathy said of her win:

I am thrilled to win this prize and very much enjoyed the writing process. It has helped me to make sense of some of the very real day to day challenges of evaluation in complexity. 

I hope the essay will intrigue and inspire you to find your own ways to talk about these issues.  Thank you to UKES and the Tavistock Institute for making it possible to honour Dione Hills in this way.”

Cathy’s paper will be published in a forthcoming issue of The Evaluator.

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