Authority & Role: Disruptive Caribbean Leadership

Authority & Role: Disruptive Caribbean Leadership

Do you have the Courage?


20 July 2020

Do you have the Courage?

We are pleased to announce that the third Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Group Relations Conference will take place in the Caribbean, on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, 29 – 31 October, 2020.

The 2020 disruption of globalisation and the catapult back into immediate national concerns, has jolted Caribbean Leaders, the regional institutions and organisations to explore innovative ways to focus in keeping their economies alive.

The impact of Covid-19 with global border controls and trade restrictions affecting supply chain, has increased the vulnerability of some countries in the Caribbean Region, which depend heavily on tourism for their survival.  Other countries were already battling the fall of oil prices, migration difficulties, protest actions and managing internal democratic elections. Individual countries, organisations and leaders are struggling with depleting finances, maintaining a healthy environment, loss of jobs, folding businesses, mental health, working from home and all that it demands, including loss of organisational structure and new customer pressures.

In this disruptive environment, leaders’ authority and role are seemingly flattening, challenged and obscured. Leaders as followers are navigating this new unfolding reality, coping with their own location of themselves in mask, keeping boundaries, work from home effects and reduced physical social interaction. How can Caribbean Leaders relocate themselves, assert their authority and be in role in this transient world, to stabilise and maximise on innovation and new opportunities for their constituents and business.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and Caribbean Group Relations Consulting Ltd, are working together to offer an experiential learning opportunity to anyone in leadership roles, whether in the public, academic, non-profit and community as well as government and private sectors.

If you or your organisation are considering the needs of leaders and are seeking places to think critically about these matters and how to be in your role and take up your authority in new ways, then this conference is for you.

Contact Mary Fullerton, Conference Associate Director on  +1 868 6813483 or mary@caribbeangroupconsulting.com

For further details please download the brochure

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