Avoiding Boardroom Death

Avoiding Boardroom Death

...risky behaviour and the wish to live forever!

…risky behaviour and the wish to live forever!

IFRS and other corporate standards are about to change how boards approach the life and death of their enterprises. Chairmen and Chief Executives, along with Executive and Non-Executive Directors will have to demonstrate new skills and competencies: human relations is in the ascendency.

In an article by Professor Derek Atkins and Anthony Fitzsimmons in the bi-annual Ernst & Young Independent Intelligence magazine for directors, City commentator Anthony Hilton is quoted saying:

such an evaluation can take us closer to areas of dysfunction which can make the difference between corporate life and death.

So what is he talking about? ‘Board Vulnerability Evaluation’ is the idea that boards which are able to look squarely at their vulnerabilities will be better able to navigate difficult waters and thereby live and not die in crisis, scandal and reputational disaster.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has worked with leaders and boards, vulnerability and stuck organisations (and those ambitious for transformation) since our beginnings in 1947. The problem with being ahead of the curve, or as Malcolm Gladwell calls it – an ‘outlier‘, is that one is experienced as being a little frightening. But those who have worked with and learned from the Tavistock approach realise, ‘you end up with a stronger, more vibrant organisation’.

In order to conduct ‘Board Vulnerability Evaluation’ a board will require access to the type of leadership strong enough to request it, and then able to engage consultant/advisers able to work with vulnerability with skill and potency.

The Tavistock Institute’s Dynamics at Board-Level programme creates the space where leaders and consultants at Board Level can learn that vulnerability is strength and that the ‘soft skills’ are actually the hard skills in business. Every crisis in UK and international corporates has come about because of a ‘soft skill deficit’.

Our Dynamics at Board-Level programme is unique, it is comparable to the FT NED Club course and the IoD Director Programme, but the focus is on the ‘real time’ impact of behaviour between board members around the board’s ability to function, whilst getting to grips with the Tavistock conceptual and theoretical arsenal.

We are now inviting applications for the programme which takes place at
Cumberland Lodge in the heart of Windsor Great Park to the west of London.

Please contact Rachel Kelly, Professional Development Co-ordinator, for a brochure and further information.

e: r.kelly@tavinstitute.org
t: +44 (0)20 7457 3927

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