[Previous talk] Becoming more Embodied for performance, presence and poise

[Previous talk] Becoming more Embodied for performance, presence and poise

Lunchtime Talk: Rachel Kelly, 6th July 2016


27 June 2016

Lunchtime Talk: Rachel Kelly, 6th July 2016

It’s not so much what we decide to do but how we do it – my contention in this talk is that you can give yourself choices about the way you use your self, rather than being restricted by your ‘usual’ way of being, freeing yourself up. Presence and poise – like charisma – are elusive qualities which can’t be ‘bought’ and are not easily defined – are they innate or can they be learned?

In this talk Rachel Kelly will speak about the principles of the Alexander Technique and suggest experiential ways of applying them in a practical way to re-establish your natural balance. You can feel lighter, freer, more integrated and balanced, with easier breathing and coordination in movement, all conditions for better performance, presence and poise. Wear loose-fitting clothing.

Rachel Kelly is Professional Development Coordinator at the Tavistock Institute and a teacher of the Alexander Technique for the past 11 years.

All events take place @ The Tavistock Institute.

Bring your lunch and your expertise with you – hot/cold drinks will be provided. Contact talks@tavinstitute.org if you would like further details of each talk and/or you plan to attend.

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