Belgirate meeting: Group Relations 2021

Belgirate meeting: Group Relations 2021

A Selfie: Portraying our Identity, Theory & Practice

A Selfie: Portraying our Identity, Theory & Practice

Belgirate VII will be taking place on 28 – 31 October 2021 and we will be meeting online – we invite you to join us if you have held a staff role at a Group Relations conference.

For the uninitiated, Belgirate is a meeting for Group Relations practitioners. We come together every three years to explore the current state or ‘temperature’ of the wider Group Relations system. Since 2003, the Belgirate scientific meetings have become a meta-study hub where staff practitioners of Group Relations share, explore and reflect upon the theory, practice, discourse and values of the field and the changes that have taken place over time.

The focus of Belgirate VII will be on our identity as well as the nature of our theoretical discourse and practice. We will concentrate not only on content but also on the conscious and unconscious ways we look at ourselves.

In that sense, Belgirate offers an opportunity for a ‘Selfie’: an invitation to the ‘family’ to reflect on our work and professional community, especially in these times. What is the nature of our reflective methods? What do we see? What would a ‘tourist’ see?

To participate in the meeting, you will need to meet the criteria as –

This meeting is open only for people who have held staff roles: administrative, consultative and/or directorial, in Group Relations conferences. 

If this describes you, we would be delighted to have you with us to participate in two keynote presentations from leaders in our sector, to join the parallel presentations as the speakers reflect on their work over the last couple of years and a panel which will explore the impact of the digital world on this established methodology.

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