“Cases, cases, cases”

“Cases, cases, cases”

Organisational Consultancy: Working with dynamics 2021


16 November 2020

Organisational Consultancy – working with dynamics 2021

“Cases, cases cases” proclaims that learning consultancy practice will not be found in books, lectures, conferences, Youtube or in the experiences of others. It means that learning comes from one’s own experience of and reflection on your own practice.

Organisational Consultancy: Working with dynamics
why this programme is important?

The work of organisational consultancy can be stressful, and emotionally and intellectually demanding. The emotionally painful dynamics stirred up in organisational change work can make consultancy a most complex and difficult exercise.

What we offer

This programme is intended to develop the skills and understanding of change agents in the complex and demanding field of organisational consultancy. The task of the programme is to offer a reflective space for experienced consultants. Often taking time to think and share practice dilemmas with colleagues is seen to be a luxury, but the literature demonstrates that thinking is an absolute precondition for effective work in the challenging world of organisational change. Learning is based on our own practice as consultants and reflecting with colleagues:

‘Reflection’ can become an opportunity for personal growth and organisational transformation only to the extent that it is public, sanctioned, participative and authorised. Effective reflection and questioning organisational assumptions works well when it is a legitimated organisational process and an ‘integral part to organising, rather than the province of individuals’ (Vince, 2002a, p.67).

Covid-19 is creating a hyper-turbulent environment in which organisations are changing beyond recognition, randomly and chaotically. Recent news reports a huge recovery on the stock market. British Airways and Rolls Royce shares have shot up and Zoom shares have fallen with the news of a vaccine arriving. These processes affect almost every organisation and state institution as they reposition themselves in the environment and as they are buffeted by unpredictable and uncontrollable tides of a tsunami of events.

Organisational consultants will be operating in conditions of high risk and uncertainty which impinge on large, complex and small organisations, producing high levels of anxiety. The organisational development consultant on assignment will have to face human stories of loss and confusion. Listening to these stories will take a toll on the emotional health of the consultant. The Tavistock Institute offers a safe haven for case discussion that will entail thoughtful action leading to deepening understanding of the dynamic processes that organisations are facing.

Even with economic recovery, we will still be faced with the fallout of mass unemployment, social and family dislocation, poor educational attainments, and the need for re-training endeavours and emotionally attuned leadership. All of this will impact on the mind of the consultant when working in such a turbulent environment. Therefore, having a space to think is essential.

Our programme, Organisational Consultancy: Working with dynamics, for experienced consultants, is an opportunity for you.

David Lawlor and Mannie Sher, Programme Directors

If you want to know more about the programme and to discuss your situation, please contact Emily Kyte.

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