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A new Memorandum of Understanding formalising our partnership.

Dr Eliat Aram, CEO of the Tavistock Institute (TIHR), and Dr Chris Russell, Director of the Christ Church Business School (CCBS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at formalising the collaboration between the two organisations. This MoU intends to maximise the benefit for the mutual interest of the two partners in higher education, with a particular focus on professional development and the social engagement of social science. The MoU formalises a partnership that has already spanned a decade:

The Business School Canterbury Christ Church University has a strong outward emphasis towards connecting the educational dimension with business and organisational life. Over the past few years, the Institute has valued being a strategic partner of The Business School through collaboration and cooperation around the Institute’s 70th Anniversary Festival in 2017 and our ongoing Archive Project. 

This new MoU is a mutually beneficial framework to help us work to achieve shared goals. The MoU signifies our mutual respect and desire to work together towards common objectives and contributing efforts and resources towards important projects over the next 5 years.

Dr Eliat Aram

TIHR initiated a collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University in 2008 with the introduction of some element of experiential learning in a module for post graduate programmes aimed at experienced professionals in the health sector.

This collaboration took on a new dimension when in 2015 the CCBS became, with Wellcome Library and SAGE, a partner in the TIHR Archive project, that included Antonio Sama’s secondment to the Archive project. This project has made the TIHR archive publicly accessible to a wider audience to reference, to reinterpret and to reapply to contemporary challenges facing society. The archive contains significant socio-historical material providing a comprehensive record of the formation, establishment and development of the Institute.

The opening of the Archive was launched at the Festival Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time, celebrating 70 years of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, in October 2017. At the heart of the Festival was the Institute’s archive as it had been intricately and delicately catalogued at the Wellcome Library.

Since then, TIHR and CCBS have been exploring collaboration on the educational design of experiential learning-based modules in two MBAs for health care and educational leaders and managers, the use of video gaming in the education of social entrepreneurs and the role of spirituality in organisational consultancy and consulting to spiritual organisations.

The MoU has set up a partnership for five years and within each year a specific action plan detailing activities and projects in the areas of professional development, learning and teaching, research and knowledge exchange.

I am delighted to sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Christ Church Business School and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. This is the outcome of a long-lasting collaboration between the two organisations. The aim of the partnership is to contribute to the humanisation of work, organisations and communities through the social engagement of social sciences, and the promotion of experiential learning. This can be designed and developed in fields like Learning and Teaching, Research and Knowledge Exchange.

Christ Church Business School is particularly interested in exploring areas of joint development where the Institute’s traditions and approaches and the more academic nature of our activities can contribute to strengthening the connections between more traditional academic activities and scholarly practice.

Dr Chris Russell

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