Clear line of sight: Transparency in the Boardroom

Clear line of sight: Transparency in the Boardroom

What’s taking place in the debates around the appointment of the new President of the governing body for soccer FIFA...what does it herald for boards?


11 February 2019

Transparency in the Boardroom

What is taking place in the debates around the appointment of the new President of the world governing body for soccer, FIFA, and what does it herald for all boards? There are issues of transparency and accountability that are vital to the success of the board as custodian of their enterprise. The potential paralysis created by the dynamics of change and the pull of what is seen as corruption can prevent boards from addressing matters of concern in an open and robust way.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has been delivering a programme of learning for those working in and with boards that surfaces the forces that hinder board effectiveness. The Dynamics at Board Level programme is unique as it addresses the underlying assumptions and attitudes that manifest in behaviours that pull boards into difficult situations.

Ramon Vega, potential FIFA presidential candidate said about the behaviour of the current President, “This is not his personal money or rights that he can choose to do what he wants with. These belong to the federation members, it is their lifeblood. Secrecy breeds distrust and that is what has happened. In the financial world, this would be totally unacceptable. The board would have to stand the CEO down as they just have not been kept informed and then when they asked, they have been refused information. It breaks every corporate governance law pretty on much every country on earth.” (quoted by Paul Nicholson, Inside World Football)

Sadly, the narrative of probity and integrity attributed to the financial world by Vega, have not held to be true to their fullest potential. Boardrooms in the financial sector have faced similar challenges to transparency. The Dynamics at Board Level programme provides an opportunity to study and to understand the nature of these dynamics. The teaching is not delivered in traditional ways – as it is providing learning to develop the reflexive capacity of those in boards and those advising and consulting to boards. How does one find and enact the courage to speak truth to power in collaborative ways?

How we bring leaders and followers together in boardrooms in the coming years, particularly in the context of the potential EU Exit by the UK, the nature of global corporates and those regional and national bodies are open for a new realm of exploration. A deeper understanding of systems psychodynamics and the role of the unconscious in the boardroom is a powerful tool.

We invite those of you serious about developing those muscles to discern and then work with dynamics of instability and deepen the capacity and courage to challenge prevailing orthodoxy, to come and join us in The Dynamics at Board Level programme.

Enquiries and Applications: for more details about the next programme or if you have any questions, please contact Anabel Navarro: a.navarro@tavinstitute.org

You can apply here and pay your deposit.

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