Coaching for Leadership: Psychodynamic Approaches

Coaching for Leadership: Psychodynamic Approaches

Thinking about becoming an executive coach?

Thinking about becoming an executive coach?

Coaching in its many forms has become an essential development opportunity for leaders and executives in all sectors. The ability to use coaching skills has also become increasingly desirable for leaders and managers at all levels and is seen as a productive way of working with individuals and teams. Despite the popularity of coaching practice, unlike sports coaches, it isn’t always obvious to outsiders what an executive coach might do. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review summarised the role with the following statement:

Coaching is a thought-provoking partnership that supports clients in reaching their fullest professional and personal potential.  A coach is a thought partner, an accountability partner, and a catalyst who guides clients toward clarity about their goals. HBR May 2021

If you are thinking about becoming a coach, the Tavistock Institute’s professional development programme Coaching for Leadership: Psychodynamic Approaches, begins its 16th cohort in February 2022 and is receiving applications now. It is a dynamic programme and executive coaches who have trained with the Tavistock Institute understand the diverse nature of the coaching role and how to accompany their coachee on their leadership journey.

This certificated programme helps coaches develop new ways of thinking with their coachee, how to both challenge and support, how to be directive and non-directive to aid their client’s explorations. Rooted in Tavistock and other theories, and underpinned by psychoanalytic thinking and approaches, this programme continues to evolve to equip coaches to work more confidently in the coaching sector.

This experiential programme attracts a wide variety of participants from around the world, which adds another dimension as there is a helpful diversity of perspectives. The programme will be online, for the third year, and is particularly useful in preparing participants for the experience of coaching online, which is now preferable to an increasing number of clients.

For more information about the programme and to arrange a conversation with one of the programme directors and/or a previous participant, please contact Emily Kyte.

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