Danse Macabre & Other Stories

Danse Macabre & Other Stories

Halina Brunning and Olya Khaleelee - a psychoanalytical perspective on global dynamics


8 March 2021

Halina Brunning and Olya Khaleelee – a psychoanalytical perspective on global dynamics

Halina and Olya warmly invite you to join their book launch at 12.00 – 13.00 via Zoom on Sunday, 21 March, hosted by OPUS.  You can register here.

An intriguing work using psychoanalytic and systemic perspectives, theories, and concepts to explain current troubling global patterns and phenomena, Brunning and Khaleelee share their view of the world to offer a containing reflection, capable of calming the nerves of the readers as well as their own.

Key features and highlights of the book:

  • A unique perspective on the contemporary world that conceptualises global dynamics within a matrix form;
  • Presents hypotheses about the underlying meaning of current conflicts and the increases in migration, antisemitism, political correctness, and activism, as well as on changing patterns of leadership, globalisation, and culture;
  • Includes an introduction from Richard Morgan-Jones, a conclusion from Tim Dartington, and “stories” from Jennifer Bean, Claudia Nagel, Leslie Brissett, Hüseyin Özdemir, Ella C Smith and Andrzej Leder;
  • Identifies neglected antecedents of current events and envisages their future impact on society.

Dr Leslie B Brissett, on our staff, is a contributor of one of the ‘stories’.

The authors examine concepts of splitting, separation, projection, displacement, and the return of the repressed. They consider what impact the disappearance of some iconic and psychic containers has on individuals’ functioning and why we choose populist leaders to shore up our own social defences. They question why the world feels so threatening to the C21 linked-in citizen when objective facts suggest that overall much is improving.

Building on their previous work, Halina Brunning and Olya Khaleelee have created a matrix that contains dialectic dynamic forces for both good and evil, love and hate, creation and destruction. They take a closer look at the plethora of phenomena that they see arising therein. Whilst the matrix holds steady, inside it is a world in constant flux with inevitable and unavoidable turbulence, but also with an underlying pattern that is available to be discerned and studied.

Danse Macabre & Other Stories is published by Phoenix Publishing House.

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