Deepening Creative Practice

Deepening Creative Practice

Announcing new dates for 2021/22

Announcing new dates for 2021/22

We are very excited to announce the new dates for Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations, our programme that weaves together the arts and social sciences.

As the world was thrown into the turmoil of Covid-19, we faced a challenging decision. Whilst our Professional Development programmes usually take place in person, we had to make the choice as to whether we should host the first-ever cohort of our new programme, Deepening Creative Practice, online or postpone it. We decided to take the risk and throw ourselves headfirst into the virtual realm – a decision that we have not regretted.

In essence, Deepening Creative Practice is a boundary transcending opportunity where one can explore their whole selves in relation to organisational leadership as well as their individual creativity. This trans-disciplinary programme is focused on experimentation, reflection, difference and, namely, risk – what better space to face this task than this programme?

As we near the end of the Summer season – both literally and as a programme – it is clear that this co-curated, co-created learning experience has adapted in the face of a changing world. The participants, Tavistock faculty and visiting artists alike have embraced the altered nature of the programme in a creative and innovative way – everyone is learning together. The artist-led workshops, which were initially planned to take place in person, have dynamically transitioned from the physical to the virtual, pushing the cohort to think outside of the box, and outside of themselves in ways they were not anticipating as well as challenging the ways we organise ourselves virtually.

Together, the cohort has discovered new forms of intimacy – proving that the unexpected can happen behind a computer screen. As a temporary organisation, there have been new obstacles to face and new benefits to reap, all the while preparing the participants for the online workplace. Whilst some may view Zoom as a boundary, Deepening Creative Practice has viewed it as an opportunity to reassess what it means to work as an organisation, a creative practitioner, in a group and with yourself.

Deepening Creative Practice with organisations is a context-sensitive programme that works to creatively adapt to the current goings-on of the world. Consequently, we are excited about running its second year whether it be online, in person or both depending on what the world decides to throw at us.

Deepening Creative Practice will now be starting in Autumn 2021 and are inviting applications. Deepening Creative Practice comprises of 4 seasons of 4 days each (Wednesdays – Saturdays) plus a fifth exhibiting season. The brackets denote extra dates in the event the programme is held online:

Autumn: 6 – 9 October 2021 (22 – 23 November 2021)

Winter: 19 – 22 January 2022 (21 – 22 February 2022)

Spring: 27 – 30 April 2022 (6 – 7 June 2022)

Summer: 13 – 16 July 2022 (19 – 20 September 2022)

‘Exhibiting’ season: Autumn 2022

We welcome conversations, your ideas, thoughts and questions about the programme.

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