Announcing the Artists

Announcing the Artists

Deepening Creative Practice starting in Spring 2020


10 February 2020

Deepening Creative Practice starting in
Spring 2020

Spring is fast approaching, and with it, the beginning of our new, boundary transcending programme, Deepening Creative Practice. This programme is unique in that it will include artist-led interventions throughout the different seasons and will conclude with an exhibition that has been co-created and co-curated by participants. It is with great pleasure to announce the artists that will be facilitating these workshops and contributing to what we’re sure will be an exhilarating, yet reflective final manifestation of their work together, playing with, questioning, researching issues and dilemmas of organisations today.

  • Ambient Jam, Goldsmiths CCA (photo: Roswither Chesher)
  • Bongsu Park, RITUAL no.0 (2019), giclee print on bamboo paper
  • Robert Clark, Poetry of the Pragmatic (2008), collaboration with Vidal Bini
  • James Holcombe in lab
  • Jessica Burlingame
  • Nimble Fish, 'making it snow at Queen’s Park Library'
  • Rosalind Fowler, film still
  • Sam Nightingale, Para-photo-macy (ocean) (2019)

The first season, Spring, opens with the dynamic collective, Nimble Fish. Working at the intersection of the arts and community with a strong focus on harnessing the power of the creative practice for personal and social change, Nimble Fish are creative producers and cultural devisers. They’ve created work for container lorries, seaside promenades and abandoned shopfronts and have worked with a wide array of people, from corporate leaders to school teachers, to artists and beyond.

Succeeding them is the multifaceted Jessica Burlingame who is the Founder and Principal of Agon Advisors, innovators in dynamic talent development. Her theatre training includes Shakespeare & Company, the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and she integrates somatic practices influenced by the Dance Education Laboratory at Jacob’s Pillow, Anatomy Trains founder Tom Myers, and yogis Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten into Agon’s offerings.

Both Spring and Summer Season will see contributions from the introspective
Bongsu Park, who is a London-based Korean artist. Her recent work is founded on how our innermost thoughts may connect with other people and how these can be shared publicly. Her work finds its roots in the philosophy of her homeland South Korea and brings this into context of contemporary western societies.

Following her in Summer is the creative duo, Rosalind Fowler and James Holcombe. Rosalind Fowler is an artist and filmmaker with a background in visual art and anthropology. Working across film, sound, workshops, performance and installation, often through collaborative and social practices, she creates work that weaves together poetic ethnography, performance and experimental film. James Holcombe is an artist-filmmaker who founded erehwon. James has over twenty years’ experience in photochemical film production of both his own and other artists’ work. His work combines a deep material, social and political engagement with photochemical film, and the chance outcomes possible through expanded projection and improvisation across both sound and image in performance.

During Autumn and Winter, we welcome the colourful collective Ambient Jam; Robert Clark, and Sam Nightingale to our diverse selection of artists. Ambient Jam is a multi-media live art improvisation, which is uniquely sensitive to place, context and people. The improvisation is forged through Entelechy arts’ 30 years of collaboration between a team of artists and artist-members with profound disabilities, who are adept at working with uncertainty, community and the mindfulness of the present moment. The quality of trust the team have built over time creates a unique space for diversity and difference; and for anything to happen or emerge out of the everyday.

Robert Clark is an established performer, collaborator and teacher whose choreographic work tours internationally with support from a range of organisations. Sam Nightingale is a thought-provoking visual artist and researcher. He uses experimental forms of photography and speculative fieldwork to explore diverse landscapes and the geopoetic interface between history, ecology and the image. Through creative practice, he seeks to make sensible environments that we are a part of but that also persist beyond the limits of human experience – what he describes as the arts of noticing otherwise.

And we are in conversation and working with other artists.

Each artist will join and be part of the Deepening Creative Practice community supporting, co-shaping its direction towards the final exhibition season and potential collaborators in that too.

If you would like to receive a brochure about the programme or would like to speak to one of the Programme Directors, please contact Maria Markiewicz.

We welcome conversations, your ideas, thoughts and questions about the programme.

Update: Dates for the next DCP are now online, please see here.

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