Desire to Influence

Desire to Influence

An experiential conference in the Tavistock tradition 28th OFEK International Group Relations Conference.


5 December 2014

Leadership and Change in Organisations and Communities

An experiential conference in the Tavistock tradition 28th OFEK International Group Relations Conference.

We are delighted to be co-sponsors for ‘Desire to Influence: Leadership and Change in Organisations and Communities’, OFEK International Group Relations Conference.

Dates: February 8-13 February, 2015
Where: Kinar Hotel, Sea of Galilee, Israel
Download the conference brochure.

From the brochure:

We all want to be influential and to influence. We want others to listen to our story at family and social gatherings. We want our ideas to be accepted; we want to touch and move others and to be meaningful to them. We also wish to be successful in influencing the society we live in: in our work roles, in our organisations, in our neighbourhoods and communities and in the broader environment. However, we sometimes wonder to what extent do we succeed in influencing? How often do we find ourselves helpless in the face of group, organisational and political pressures, or in the face of our leaders’ decisions? Also, what influences us? What influences our ability to be influential? 

This OFEK 2015 International conference mirrors our organisations and society and replicates different reality situations in them. Within the conference itself, it will be possible to examine the influence of individuals on groups, of groups on individuals and
other influences in group and organisational settings.

Download the conference brochure to find out more. The application for can be downloaded here.

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