WGI Descriptor Report: ‘Diving into the Women and Girls Initiative’

WGI Descriptor Report: ‘Diving into the Women and Girls Initiative’

This report describes what the WGI was, who it was funded by, and what it was hoping to achieve, as well as shares some early learning from the projects.

The report provides a short description of what the WGI comprises, what the Fund hoped to achieve through the WGI, who it has supported and why, as well as a summary of early achievements and challenges and a list of public outputs and where to find them.

Throughout the document are short case studies that describe a small number of the projects funded through the WGI, what they hoped to achieve and some of their early successes. It is intended as a starting point from which outcomes, achievements and learning generated through WGI can be better understood.

The report follows on from the blog written by Liz Kelly, and it is the second public output delivered as part of our work with the 62 funded projects.

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