Dr Leslie Brissett on Leadership, Authority & Identity

Dr Leslie Brissett on Leadership, Authority & Identity

Webinar with presentation, small group discussions and sharing in plenary

Webinar with presentation, small group discussions and sharing in plenary

You are invited to join this webinar by Dr Leslie Brissett on Tue, 13 April 2021 from 14:00 – 16:00  (BST) – you can register on Eventbrite.

Leslie writes “Most energy is spent trying to avoid, deny or hide the complex web of emotions from our daily lives, especially in the world of work, in corporate settings and boardrooms, in particular, the dominance of the goal of the “rational man” prevails.

What is left in the wake of our attempt to be that “rational man” is a river of anger, guilt, fear and shame (more emotions to be avoided!). This is only one part of what we call working with dynamics!”

This is part of the Eco-Leadership Webinar series 2021 presented by Analytic-Network Coaching and offered to experienced practitioners; coaches, consultants, leaders, managers who form our Advanced Community of Practice and meet monthly and bi-monthly for webinars, peer discussions and explorations on topical issues.

Dr Leslie B Brissett is Director of the Group Relations Programme and Company Secretary of the Tavistock Institute. 

His practice is rooted in working with the most senior corporate executives and their teams. Demystification of behaviour in Boardrooms and helping to identify meaningful ways to dream and embody role-centred straight-talking in the workplace is one facet of the work.

Dr Brissett draws on his personal experience and his work directing international Group Relations events to discuss leadership, authority and identity in our turbulent times.

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