Dreams, creativity and hope in a polarised world

Dreams, creativity and hope in a polarised world

New Group Relations Conference in London, 22 — 24 July 2024 with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

This new Group Relations Conference is organised by the Education and Training team at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and will take place at the Tavistock Centre in London, UK. With Heather Stradling, Principal Researcher and Consultant at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Monday 22 — Wednesday 24 July

Over three days, this experiential event will support you in exploring unfamiliar feelings and ideas, conscious and unconscious processes, and issues of identity, power and diversity. You will engage in deep, transformational learning – about yourself, your professional role, and the dynamics of groups, organisations and society.

‘We’re taking a fresh approach - using dreams movement and embodied work to understand this polarized world we are in, and how we can talk to each other and make meaning together.’ 

Co-directors Maxine Dennis and Sarah Wynick

With its special focus on exploring our contemporary context, and use of creative ways of expression, including a social dream matrix, movement, sculpting and group exercises, this Group Relations Conference offers something for everyone – whether you have prior experience, or are coming to it for the first time.

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Photo by Pedro Ramos on Unsplash

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