Dynamics at Board-Level

Dynamics at Board-Level

Soft skills for effective governance. We were very excited to take part in a Board Dynamics Summit on 1 March run by ICSA The Governance Institute on our speciality subject..


28 March 2019

Soft skills for effective governance.

We were very excited to take part in a Board Dynamics Summit on 1 March run by ICSA The Governance Institute on our speciality subject, Board Dynamics. Dr Mannie Sher chaired a panel on what makes boards creative – as expected, diversity and leadership were high up as key topics.

Tazi and Rachel ran the Tavistock stall – talking to people interested in how boards work – company secretaries, CEOs, NEDs, etc. Building and governing a balanced and effective board is currently a preoccupation for many, so the appetite for learning about new ways of working was strong – particularly around soft-skills for which the Tavistock is well-known. We are experts in, not just in interpersonal dynamics, but also in what is really happening in boards as groups.

We’re also going to be there on 10-11 July at the Excel, when the ICSA holds its Annual Conference – the premier industry event for company secretaries and governance leaders. This year’s conference focuses on how organisations define and orient themselves around strong organisational purpose, build resilience, identify and manage market disruption and harness new technologies.

For a deeper understanding of systems psychodynamics (how the board relates to the organisation it leads and to stakeholders) and the role of unconscious dynamics in the boardroom, come and exercise those muscles that work with dynamics and deepen your capacity by joining us in The Dynamics @ Board-Level 2019 programme.  The beauty of this is that the whole programme acts as a temporary board so the learning, in real time and experiential, is deep, powerful and long-lasting.

The programme is co-directed by Dr Leslie Brissett and Dr Mannie Sher.

If you’d like a conversation and/or would like more details about the next programme or if you have any questions, please contact Anabel Navarro: a.navarro@tavinstitute.org

You can apply here and pay deposit.

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