Dynamics @ Board Level

Dynamics @ Board Level

Understanding the complexities and working through the difficulties

Understanding the complexities and working through the difficulties

This week, Walmart, the top of the Fortune 500 Global firms, added to its board. They chose the former CEO and Chairman of the USA telecoms giant AT&T, Randall Stephenson. Many other boards are responding to global pressures and new regulations by appointing more women, younger people and black and brown people. The question is, how are these new appointments, in the context of our digital transition, affecting the dynamics in the boardroom? This question is not just for corporate scholars an educators, they affect every facet of organisational life.

Are you working on or with Boards? Perhaps you are Chair, a Board member or Executive Director or you work in board evaluation and governance development as a consultant or coach?

You are invited to join the next cohort of Dynamics @ Board Level in 2021 – an online certified programme of 4 x 2-day modules beginning in May. We will be running two programmes during two different periods of the day in order to accommodate people calling in from different time zones.

There is no better programme available that provides such a rich, in-depth understanding of boardroom dynamics and how to manage them.

Listen below to Leslie Brissett (Co-Director) talk about the programme, how the framework is structured and what takes place, with no teaching as such because the learning is experiential. The talk was given during a recent online book launch for  Dynamics at Boardroom Level: A Tavistock Primer for Leaders, Coaches and Consultants(2020), edited by Dr Leslie B Brissett, Dr Mannie Sher and Tazi Lorraine Smith. With contributions from previous programme participants who are senior leadership practitioners and board evaluators from the government, international consultancy firms, FTSE 100 and global UN institutions, this book speaks directly to issues of our time.

Read the brochure and find out more about Dynamics @ Board Level

Explore the complexities of your Board with a Board Evaluation tailored to your needs. For a complimentary initial assessment, contact Dr Mannie Sher.

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