Dynamics @ Board Level…

Dynamics @ Board Level…

turning up the temperature.

Turning up the temperature

The temperature is turning up in boardrooms across the globe. Whether it is managing for the “energy transition”, or the shift away from tobacco, meat and sugar – the Fourth Industrial Revolution is gathering momentum. This new business context will be driving the future of sustainable business: less about machine technology, it is first and foremost a technology of the mindset shift.

In the new world of work (pandemically-mediated), how we conceive of the hybrid workforce and employee productivity, or the stability of Central Bank Digital Currencies will all depend on the capacity of leaders to hold the system in mind, and themselves steady, in the face of increasing complexity and instability in the world of business.

Our context is moving on from volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous (VUCA) to Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear and Incomprehensible (BANI). This is not simply a new conceptual, scholarly game of words, to create a catchy acronym, BANI represents a foundational shift in what is expected of and from leaders in this decade to 2030.

On 23 January 2015, the Swiss Federal Council officially recognised the World Economic Forum as an International Organisation for Public-Private Cooperation. Then on 13 June 2019, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum signed a partnership framework to meet the shared 2030 agenda.

This is a significant dynamic shift and we ignore it at our own peril, for it affects EVERY business at every level. A global network of agencies and partnerships and interests are converging to address the challenges of the decade, the Sustainable Development Goals and all the other associated global standards that will put pressure on boardrooms across the globe.

How that pressure cooker impacts boards and those working in and with them, is at the heart of the Certificate in Dynamics @ Board Level programme.

We are now inviting applications: 4 x 2-day modules at the Institute’s London offices, beginning in June 2022.  Download the brochure.

If you have any questions or want to find out more and to speak to one of the programme Directors or an alumnus, please contact Emily Kyte.

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