Dynamics in the Boardroom:

Dynamics in the Boardroom:

Dynamics in the Boardroom: a vital skillset for all Directors.

a vital skillset for all Directors.

The Court of the Bank of England is made up of solid men (usually), pillars of society, wise and experienced, called upon by others like them to steer, inspire and lead.  How was it possible for such men of vision to be so blind and caught off-guard by the financial crisis of 2007-2009 that almost brought the economy of the world to breaking point?  There were many reasons offered: they did not see it coming; could not comprehend the scale of the looming crisis; greed was the cause; hubris and complacency, reliance on class, club and brigade networks; cut off from reality, and so on.

The Chair of the Court was criticised for failing to reform an unwieldy structure that let the governors run the Bank with little scrutiny.  Whilst governments and media focused on the mechanics of running the Bank and its complex products, very few, if any, understood what was really needed to keep a grip on the Bank and its activities: Dynamics in the Board Room.

Understanding what makes ordinarily sane and intelligent people do insane and “unthinkable” things once they join a board is what the world wants to get to grips with.  People in the structures designed to manage the economy even today, simply do not understand the part played by the hidden dynamics in inter-personal, inter-group and international relationships.

Since the ‘crash’ there has been a tightening of governance regulations; introduction of new codes and a new generation of board members who are by and large younger, more women, bright, intelligent and ambitious – and who have greater desire to understand the part played by behavioural and social dynamics in Boards, committees and other groups, like consumers, taxpayers, government, workers etc.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has pioneered the study and application of group and organisational dynamics for nearly 70 years based on work during the War in identifying and training leaders for the Armed Forces.  This work continues to this day, helping boards develop new ways of leading in a changing world of inter-locking global systems.  The Tavistock Institute runs professional development programmes for increasing group-based skills and developing individual board member capability.

The Tavistock Institute is pleased to announce the commencement of the 3rd international modular programme: Certificate in Dynamics at Board Level starting in June 2015 for which applications are now being invited.

To apply for a place on this programme contact Rachel Kelly at r.kelly@tavinstitute.org

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