The Dynamics of Evaluation

The Dynamics of Evaluation

A new series of lunchtime dialogues on The Dynamics of Evaluation. As part of our celebration of the 2015 International Year of Evaluation we are launching a new series...

Launching a new series of lunchtime dialogues on The Dynamics of Evaluation.

dy•nam•ics… the motivating or driving forces in any field or system

e•val•u•a•tion… The process of determining the merit, worth or value of things’…The application of scientific methods to assess the design, implementation, improvement, or outcomes of a program or policy

Since the early 1980’s the Tavistock Institute has contributed to the development of evaluation practice, with this work being influenced, from the start, by learning from other areas of Institute work: action research, OD, group relations and system psychodynamic theory and practice.

As part of our celebration of the 2015 International Year of Evaluation we are launching a new series dialogues on ‘The Dynamics of Evaluation’ which we warmly invite you to be part of. Each event will begin with short presentations from an evaluator, and from a consultant, drawing on many years of experience of work at the Tavistock Institute. We will be inviting participants to explore with us a series of questions and challenges that face both evaluators and those who are subject of an evaluation.

The outcomes of these discussions will be made available on our website, and contribute to plans for a new professional development programme for experienced evaluators.

Download a flyer detailing The Dynamics of Evaluation series.

Lunchtime dialogues on The Dynamics of Evaluation:

20 May 2015
Evaluation as Reflective Practice (Camilla Child & Dione Hills)
How can we make best use of our personal experience, alongside evaluation skills, to support learning and change?

15 July 2015
A System Psychodynamic Perspective (Leslie Brissett & Giorgia Iacopini)
How can we increase understanding of, and work effectively with, underlying dynamics in operation in evaluation activities?

16 September 2015
Handling Complexity (Eliat Aram)
Can a better understanding of complexity help us navigate the uncertainties and paradoxes encountered during an evaluation?

2 December 2015
Communicating Results (A panel discussion)
Would a clearer appreciation of dynamics – and politics – of communication help ensure that evaluation findings are better used?

You can find recordings of most of these events here.

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