(Economic) Sense and Sensibility

(Economic) Sense and Sensibility



As the ripples from the Eurozone crisis reach other shores, we are confronted once again with a plethora of economists each with an apparently unimpeachable solution to the problem, an internally consistent argument that is apparently far better than anyone else’s internally consistent argument!

And yet there is plenty of evidence that a purely rationalist, scientific approach to this- and other- ‘economic’ problems, is quickly submerged in issues of national identity, cultural/historical themes, political factors, and individual feelings about the perceived heroes and villains of the unfolding drama (these latter of course vary according to perspective). In truth, the way out of this impasse must emerge from an interplay between the linear and scientific on the one hand, and cultural and emotional factors on the other.

It is an enormous leap from these multi-faceted international dilemmas to the microcosm of an organisation, but leaders in any context face the challenge of riding these two horses: objectivity and subjectivity. Any corporate strategy will have to take account of, and may well be modified by, the conscious and unconscious desires, feelings and motives of employees at all levels, and undercurrents flowing through the history of the organisation.

This perspective is central to the philosophy of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation’s certificated course in COACHING FOR LEADERSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. We develop coaches who are able to resist the ‘lure of the cure’, to help clients to consider problems and issues in the round and work with them to interpret situations in all their complexity. In this way decisions and courses of action emerge that are based on a profound understanding of all salient dimensions and which remain sufficiently flexible and provisional to accommodate any future changes in the environment.

For a brochure about the next course, please contact Rachel Kelly, Professional Development Coordinator: r.kelly@tavinstitute.org

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