Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing Conference

Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing Conference

A summertime Group Relations Conference in Italy, 2—4 June 2023


30 March 2023


Treviso, Italy

Key people

The Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing (ECW) conferences over the last 14 years have evolved a design incorporating events of traditional Group Relations along with a somatic understanding of the body in movement (movement as being), sound and an awareness of the environment within which life unfolds, an ecological approach inviting sensuous participation.

The unifying principle of conferences is that both mind and body inform the dynamics of the here and now. ECW proposes that in the awareness of the body and its needs one becomes available to connect to the earth, its resources, and the underlying interdependence of the whole. Today, more than ever, in a post-pandemic climate, with wars and climatic crisis, it is fundamental to rediscover the dimension of the body, the relationship with nature.

The primary task of this conference is to explore how awareness of resources, energy and creative collaboration can introduce wellbeing in their life and work.

Interdependence and relatedness, essential for any kind of systemic thinking, is explored during the events. Learning is facilitated by accessing individual, small and large group energy and through awareness of the relationships that develop. ECW relates to social context/culture and to nature and the human place within nature. What is nature telling us, what are we telling nature and can the dialogue of human and non-human nature bring blossoming for both?

Directed by Luca Mingarelli and with Rachel Kelly of the Institute as Associate Director.

Applications must be received by 15 March to the following email address: ecw@ilnodogroup.it

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