EODF 2013 conference: 11-12 October 2013, Vienna

EODF 2013 conference: 11-12 October 2013, Vienna

‘Designing Thriving Organisations: Resilience, Partnership, Enablement’.


9 September 2013


The European Organisation Design Forum (EODF) 2013 conference: ‘Designing Thriving Organisations: Resilience, Partnership, Enablement’, will take place 11-12 October 2013, Vienna, Austria.

The conference is the key event in the EODF calendar where organisation design practitioners from across Europe come together to share new ideas, case studies, and to challenge and inspire each other.

The Tavistock Institute’s Principal Consultant/Researcher, Fiddy Abraham will be delivering a session during the conference, entitled: Is it Just Me? Dilemmas, Options and Choices in Designing for Resilience through Collaboration.

Abstract: This session sets out to provide a framework for participants to join with the presenter in exploring how different approaches to organisational design get mobilised through different organisational processes and life cycles. An initial presentation will outline the presenter’s (oscillating) theory-in-use and improvisation in a set of case studies in inter-organisational cross-sectoral design undertaken between 2005 and 2008 in similar settings. Different approaches, including socio-technical systems design, conversational enquiry, and others were foregrounded in different settings and this enquiry sets out to explore what drove those choices, in the system and in the scholarly practice of the consultant. Participants will be invited to work individually and in different sized groups to identify alternative theories-in-use which might have resulted in different outcomes and to reflect on the way different organisational dilemmas mobilise different theories-in-use in their own practice.

Full details about the conference, including how to register, can be found here.

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