Exploring Leadership & Authority: Working with Desires & Fears

Exploring Leadership & Authority: Working with Desires & Fears

A five-day Group Relations Conference in Lithuania, 24—28 August 2023


30 March 2023


Vilnius, Lithuania

A face to face Working Group Relations Conference with Consultancy Learning Group.

Developing leadership and authority means finding the courage to feel and create. To uncover the courage, you need to be willing to take a role purposefully. To explore your boundaries in-the-mind, to shape the interface between yourself and the world, in the here-and-now. How to be true to yourself and recognize the other, while acknowledging both, including your fears and desires?

This conference offers a transitional space; to feel, to try, to make mistakes, to think in the context of “being under fire”. We invite you to take this opportunity for reflection in the here-and now of a world that is acting out its traumas. Join us in this deepening exploration of (your) leadership and authority; and find your place to stand.

The Conference is conducted in the Tavistock tradition. It offers opportunities to learn about authority, leadership, and the roles individuals take in groups, consciously and unconsciously. The Conference takes place in the heart of Vilnius old town. It is international and non-residential.

Conference director: Jolita Buzaityte-Kasalyniene

Associate director: Martijn van der Spek

Director of Consultancy Learning Group: Leslie Brissett

The working language of the conference is English.

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