Fair Share

Fair Share

We are delighted to be part of Fair Share, an EU-wide free online training platform for fair trade entrepreneurs, employees and volunteers.


26 January 2015

A fair trade online training platform

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) is delighted to be part of
Fair Share, an EU-wide free online training platform for fair trade entrepreneurs, employees and volunteers.

Funded by the EACEA, the Fair Share project is run by a consortium of partners from across Europe with the aim of improving the provision of training available to the fair trade and social economy sectors.

With the growth of large and small corporations across Europe, fair trade enterprises collectively form a sector qualitatively different to conventional trading firms: fair trade enterprises are committed to a long-term trading partnership with producers based on dialogue, transparency and respect. Given the lack of specialised support to this sector, Fair Share offers the opportunity for fair trade organisations to up skill staff, learning business and leadership skills through a modular course with other fair trade entrepreneurs and stakeholders from across Europe.

Our role in the project is threefold: to evaluate, to design and to roll out the training in the UK:

  • Our main role is conducting a formative and summative evaluation, understanding what difference Fair Share makes to trainees and how the process can be improved following piloting;
  • We are also designing two modules for the course, one on leading change and the other run as participative workshops for working on staff and management issues;
  • Finally we are rolling out the online training course in the UK and is looking to recruit trainees for participation in the pilot course at no charge.

The platform is expected to be live at the end of March at https://fairsharetraining.eu/.

Any organisation or staff working in the fair trade or social economy sectors or people wanting to enter into the sector can take part in the pilot, please contact:
David Drabble (e: d.drabble@tavinstitute.org, t: +44(0)20 757 3924) for more information.

You can follow Fair Share on Twitter or Facebook.

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