Sold out - again!

Sold out - again!

5th Faroese Group Relations Conference. Leadership between Fantasy and Fact is the annual Group Relations conference...

5th Faroese Group Relations Conference.

Leadership between Fantasy and Fact is the annual Group Relations conference on the Faroe Islands organised by NOV – these conferences have been mushrooming since they began in 2011.

In a way it’s incorrect to speak about a Faroese conference – it’s a Scandinavian conference! It’s located in the Faroe Islands though – a small dot in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

From the beginning, staff and membership have been recruited from all over Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Faroe Islands.  This year, there is also a member from Iceland and invitations are sent to Finland as well.  Almost 80% of the membership comes from outside Faroe Islands, evenly distributed among the other nordic countries. The Conference language is Scandinavian (a mix of all the northern languages and dialects).

The number of members has risen each year as follows: 32 members in 2011, 36 members in 2012 and 42 members in 2013 (the max).  In 2014 numbers exceeded the physical limit of the venue (42), but with some creative thinking the limit was expanded to 48.  In 2014 when the registration deadline was reached, there were 48 members and 16 on the waiting list.  This year the conference is sold out once again with 48 members and a waiting list – that’s a success to share!

The main key to this success is the strong inter-nordic cooperation between the Scandinavian Group Relations organisations: AGSLO (Sweden), NAPSO (Denmark), NPF (Norway) and NOV (Faroe Islands).

The other keys are the highly motivated staff who have strong recruiting power, combined with the most beautiful winter venue in the middle of nowhere.

Perhaps you’ll come to the next one in early 2016….

Have a look at these testimonials from previous conference members.

For news of this and other Group Relations conferences around the world, see Group Relations under Training.  And for information about the original Group Relations Leicester conference coming up in August.

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