Fearless Leadership 2017

Fearless Leadership 2017

The Best Price Yet.

The Best Price Yet.

Currency fluctuations could lead to fear and despair. However, 12 January 2017 saw the UK pound at its weakest since 1985, this is GOOD NEWS! Why? Because for many, the dream of attending the Leicester Conference is more affordable than ever, thanks to the weak pound.

When thinking about choosing a leadership development programme, people are looking for learning that will go deeper and have longer lasting impact. The current panic in our leadership systems can be seen by a number of indicators: the fluctuations of the world’s currency markets; a range of scandals and lawsuits in large corporations; and health and social services leaders are feeling starved of resources for much-needed front-line services.

These challenges are draining the energy and vitality of our leaders, and they need a programme that will give them space to think, feel and ruminate. 14 days of total immersion in a living laboratory of leadership is the antidote. The Leicester Conference provides this space to find and embrace your authority and deepen the understanding of how groups impact you.

Attending the Leicester Conference is important for leaders and followers now more than ever. Our world is shrinking thanks to technology, and the media seems to provide more and more stories of abuse and misuse of power by our leaders. There are increasing numbers of reports indicating that people are becoming suspicious of the motives of leaders, and how they exercise their authority in the service of their organisations.

How can this be done without the impact of greed and personal gain? One way is to support them to be OUT about their connections and affiliations. Trusted-Transparency in the face of fearful and suspicious followers, however, is not so easy. Leaders who are willing to work openly, collaboratively and engage with a range of voices and reveal their motives are rare. The learning from a Leicester Conference, I believe, equips leaders and followers to have the courage to say and do difficult and unpopular things in ways that progress their organisations in particular, and society in general.

The 71st Leicester Conference takes place from 5 – 18 August 2017 at the University of Leicester. The conference provides a space where leaders from all sectors of social, public and private life can come together and learn, wholly by experience, about the key aspects of leadership: Task, Authority and Organisation (the TAO of Tavistock). This is lived leadership in action, learning through rather than learning about.

Presence in Absence: IN & OUT @ Work, speaks to the issues of working with the usually unspoken or difficult to say, as it affects issues such as succession planning, sexuality, religion/faith/spirituality and gender. The dimensions of what makes human relations so important, such as finding and holding the tension between public, private, personal and professional roles and personas.

Najoh Tita-Reid, UK Head of Bayer Consumer Healthcare said in an interview on the “Secrets of my success” said, “…get experience because one day when things get shaken up, and they will, your experience is all you can rely on.” She sums up why the Leicester Conference learning is relevant today: we are certainly facing things being shaken up.

Make the most of the weak pound, and celebrate the 70th Year of the Tavistock Institute. 2017 is the year to come The Leicester Conference.

Leslie Brissett
Conference Director 2017

More information about the conference can be found here. For a brochure, please contact Rachel Kelly:

e: r.kelly@tavinstitute.org
t: +44 (0)20 7457 3927

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