“Feminist Co-production”: New insights from the WGI

“Feminist Co-production”: New insights from the WGI

A new briefing from the Women and Girls Initiative (WGI) is now available

A new briefing from the Women and Girls Initiative (WGI) is now available

Feminist Co-production” is a briefing published as part of the Women and Girls Initiative (WGI) Learning and Impact Services. It briefly sets out the origins of feminist co-production, highlights a number of journeys undertaken by WGI projects, and summarises the commitments and principles they have identified as core to their co-creative practice.  It draws on 5 years of collaborative learning shared through WGI MSterclasses, action learning meetings and workshops and includes examples from the following 6 WGI projects: Aspire, A Way Out, Leeway Domestic Abuse Services, RISE, Women’s Lives Leeds,Young Women’s Outreach Project.

The briefing highlights how the women and girls’ sector is returning to its feminist roots through “reclaiming the ‘we’” and contributing a gendered and intersectional dimension to the wider co-production movement. As a result, this briefing will be of interest to those within the women and girls’ sector as well as those interested in co-production or co-creation more generally.

“Feminist Co-production” is also relevant for:

* Policy-makers and commissioners wanting to think about how women and girls can best be supported;

* anyone else interested in supporting or finding out more about specialist work with women and girls and co-production.

Information in the briefing is drawn together by Sara Scott, DMSS, from the Women and Girls Initiative, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund (The Fund). It is supporting 62 projects with funds raised from the National Lottery. For more information about the WGI, see the project page.

The WGI Learning and Impact Services is being delivered on behalf of The Fund by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR), DMSS Research (DMSS) and the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU) – the partners. The partners are delivering a programme of support to projects with the aim of capturing and sharing learning and creating a stronger community of services that has greater influence on decision-making structures across the country.

The Women and Girls Initiative Feminist Co-Production briefing can be found here.

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