Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #1: Tue 17 Oct 2017

Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #1: Tue 17 Oct 2017


17 October 2017

Notes from Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #1: Tue 17 Oct 2017

Tuesday 17th October 10.30-11.45, Wellcome Collection Reading Room
Hosts: Debra Noumair and Leslie Brissett (NB. We changed our designation from Facilitator to Host)

35 to 46 members present
Gender distribution predominantly female, only 8 men in the Matrix
14 dreams were presented


“There is so much fear confusion and unhelpful behaviour that the TIHR’s role is even more important than it was in the last century”

There is a need for deeper spiritual healing than ever before –

Themes drawn from the 14 dreams and their associations:

  • Light at the bottom of the archive
  • Isabel Menzies Lyth revisited in a dream “Thank God I’m not a nurse”
  • Ophelia (girlfriend of Hamlet who committed suicide) appeared in the form of a hurricane
  • Dead coming to collect the living, and the living choosing not to go – archive as helpers not ghosts
  • Angels among us
  • Industry of fear (Monsters Inc) to be faced from behind a closed closet door
  • The role of the murderer is to keep the past buried so we can move on
  • Old wine  in new bottles
  • Pressure to “put the best foot forward” – withholding the bad parts of our history
  • Liminality – there was a quality of being between 2 dimensions – that was also the content of some of the dreams – quote came to mind of hosts, “the past is never the past, the past is the present” Faulkner
  • Fear that the Unconscious will consume
  • Dependence and interdependence: “I’ve depended on the kindness of strangers”
  • Sinful proteins misheard as silver proteins: white dog misheard as wild dogs – a general issue of not being able to hear
  • Ordinariness in the new war zone
  • What is the recipe for comfort? Parma Ham and left over double cream: in the face of overwhelming fear and anxiety, we are looking for a way to manage the tension
  • First cut is the deepest: the work of the TIHR has changed many people’s lives.

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