Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

New solutions for an old problem.


6 March 2015

New solutions for an old problem.

When is the European Equal Pay Day in 2015? It is celebrated In November in UK and on February 22nd in Spain.

There are different ways of measuring, conceptualising and highlighting the same old problem. The proposed solutions and actions may also differ and be complementary. Gender inequality is a complex socio-economic phenomenon and the gender pay gap is a clear and persistent impact and indicator of this inequality. The gender pay gap has gained certain relevance on EU and national political agendas, but more effective and constant analysis and policy options are needed to eliminate it.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) will contribute to the theoretical and practical exchange of knowledge between researchers, trade unions, activists and other stakeholders from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany and Spain as well as representatives from European institutions including the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation). The aim is to encourage a further understanding of the roots of the problem and to promote activities and strategies to narrow the gender pay gap.

Our role in the project is multiple:

  • To participate in the elaboration of the Spanish in-depth research report which will consist of a country context analysis and sector specific analysis including the financial and insurance sector and the health sector.
  • To enable innovative options, transnational findings and recommendations to emerge and to contribute to the mutual learning meetings.
  • To support national and transnational implementation of action plans in collaboration with trade unions, gender equality bodies and civil society to tackle the gender pay gap.
  • To participate in the EU Network ‘Gender Wage Watchers’, together with representatives from trade unions and gender equality units, researchers and other experts, stakeholders and civil society from different European countries.

The aim of this project is developing transnational strategies and alliances with trade unions, gender equality bodies and civil society to tackle the gender pay gap. Research, networking, mutual learning, implementation of initiatives, awareness-raising and dissemination activities will contribute to the development of deeper appreciation of the problem and the possibility of arising new solutions or activities to be implemented.

Based on previous research and evaluation projects on parental leave system, family and poverty, international debates, paternity leave, and other work life balance policy options, we are delighted to work with colleagues across the EU in this inspiring project.

For more information on this project please contact: Cristina Castellanos Serrano, TIHR Senior Researcher / Consultant.

This project is co-funded by the PROGRESS Programme of the European Union.

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