Group Relations Conference in Lithuania

Group Relations Conference in Lithuania


16 June 2014

A Light In The Shadow Of History: Leadership & Identity In Organisations & Communities.

The 5th International Group Relations Conference in Lithuania with a Progression Sub-conference. A working conference based on Tavistock experiential learning methodology.

28th June – 2nd July 2014
Vilnius University, Lithuania

This programme will mark the fifth joint venture between Vilnius University and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. It is based on the theoretical perspectives and methods of group relations as developed in the Tavistock ‘Leicester’ working conferences on Authority Role and Organisation.

The programme is designed to provide opportunities for learning for leadership. By examining, interpreting, reflecting and making sense of experiences in the programme events, leaders and managers will develop understanding of their own organisations and their roles within them.

The programme allows the participants to explore the influence of history in the ways we take up our leadership roles, react to the leadership of others, and construct our identities in organisations and communities.

The programme focuses on culture, structure and task, and on the need for understanding the roles of participants as they relate collaboratively and competitively with each other. Such understanding involves disciplined attention to your own experience, openness to the experience of others, tolerance of uncertainty and the readiness to interpret what is happening, and the courage to test your interpretations through communication and action. This includes being alert to both conscious and unconscious aspects of behaviour and ways in which behaviour is shaped by the broader social, political and economic contexts in which we work and live.

The method of learning is experiential – as participants you will be invited to study your own and others collaborative and competitive behaviour as it happens in the different events. Consultancy is always available in the programme events.

The focus of learning is based on examining the ‘here and now’ of group and institutional behaviour. You will be invited and challenged to take up your own authority to accept what proves useful learning and reject what is not. Through this process you will be able to reconsider the way that you gain or lose power and exercise your authority in your organisations.

Download the conference brochure.

Applications forms can be requested from:
Ms. Erika Speicyte-Ruschhoff
E: grupiusantykiai@gmail.com
T: +370 5 2667610, mob: +370 682 28208

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