Group Relations Conferences - The Leicester Conference

Group Relations Conferences - The Leicester Conference

Coreene Archer and Mannie Sher explain what you might expect from The Leicester Conference.

The upcoming Tavistock Institute’s 68th Leicester conference provides a unique context for exploring and developing new leadership skills.

The Leicester Conference 4-17 August 2014:

Authority & Role: Living Learning and Leading in our Organisations

Coreene Archer and Mannie Sher explain what you might expect from The Leicester Conference.

A strategy of employee obsolescence has been introduced as a way of motivating staff. This is done by the categorisation of 10% of staff as ‘poor’ performers. Of 5000 employees surveyed, only one third understood what they needed to do to avoid being in that group. Guidance on these matters does not always come from the employer.

The Leicester Conference provides opportunities to explore how to recognise and interpret the unspoken demands of the work environment. Job descriptions and person specifications are the structures used to construct the ideal way to match the person with the task. The aspect that is not always clear is how a task is to be performed. It is through our understanding of roles that help both employee and employer determine appropriate task performance…

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