Institute’s staff co-author the 2023 Eurofund Report

Institute’s staff co-author the 2023 Eurofund Report

Tackling labour shortages is not just about skills

Earlier this year, Institute’s Kari P. Hadjivassiliou, Anna Sophie Hahne, and Dr. Thomas Spielhofer co-authored the 2023 Eurofund Report Measures to tackle labour shortages: Lessons for future policy.

The Report presents the results of an EU-wide study that was commissioned by Eurofound in 2021 and conducted by IKEI Spain and Tavistock Institut gGmbH (TIG). The study aimed to identify and assess the effectiveness of specific types of interventions in addressing labour shortages, including training/upskilling/re-skilling measures.

The focus was on measures aimed at addressing labour shortages in sectors where these have been aggravated by Covid-19 and measures implemented to ensure that labour shortages do not stifle the EUs twin transition to a climate neutral economy and the digital age.

Through 30 in-depth case studies across the EU, the study assessed what measures aimed at tackling labour shortages are effective and explored the contextual factors supporting or hindering effective policy implementation and outcomes.

You can access the Report and view its key findings here.

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